Frequently Asked Questions

How could a case—for example, the one for the Yemenia Crash Families—successfully get their wrongful death lawsuit brought to the United States?
To get the case to a US court, there should be some U.S. connection involved, such as an American casualty, flying through U.S. airspace, or American manufacturers of aircraft or other components (radar, brakes, engines, etc...). We already know that the Yemenia Airbus did not fly through U.S. airspace, wasn’t built in the U.S., and had no U.S. citizens aboard, but it is too early in our investigation to ascertain if there were failed U.S.-manufactured components that may have contributed to the tragedy. They have a US financier

How does a potential client engage Wrongful Death Consultants?
A potential client engages us by requesting an interview, directly or through their attorney. We do not solicit. We only speak to families who have requested us.

A consultant can be a lot of things. What exactly do you do with wrongful death cases? It depends on the case. The expenditure for some of these cases is significant especially if it is international, but not all cases are candidates for US courts. I develop and manage international support teams and research teams. Sometimes I do a lot of the groundwork. For example, in the Brazil Tam crash, I handled 104 one-on-one interviews of families of victims. In the Air France case, there are well over 1500 family members. You can see how the work involved in the interviews alone can be significant. I provide an information source for the families at a time when many of them are feeling damaged, confused, and devastated over their loss.

I have a local lawyer. Why is it valuable to partner my wrongful death case with other law firms? It is a question of what is needed in each individual case. Your own lawyer is familiar with the local laws and courts. Partnering with an expert in in wrongful death cases and bringing a long history of successful litigation and negotiation presents an ideal partnership and position of strength.