George Hatcher, an advisor/consultant/strategist for some of the very most important law firms in the United States, has the experience and knowledge to help clients know what to do after the unthinkable happens. George is not a lawyer, but most of his life has been spent with lawyers, as an independent service provider.

In the forty years he's been consulting, whether in California, France, Mexico or Brazil, George has worked on many wrongful death cases, from pharmaceutical to vehicular (automotive accidents to ships, trains and aviation.)

What is a wrongful Death case about?

In addition to the injury committed against the person who died, the wrongful death case takes into account the injury of those who depended upon the deceased for support, financial or emotional, whether wrongful death is the result of a negligent act such as careless driving, a reckless act, an intentional act such as a deliberate murder, medical malpractice or pilot error.